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cPanel is a Unix based web hosting control panel that offering graphical interface and automation tools. It could not only simplify the process of hosting a website, but also make the operation much more effective. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of cPanel hosting.


Advantages of Hosting with cPanel

cPanel is cheap
For those website owners who use VPS, dedicated server or cloud hosting, they could buy a cPanel license directly from the company. However, if owners purchase shared hosting solution, their hosting provider would offer free cPanel, which is included in the hosting package normally, and they will not face any trouble of installing it.

cPanel is user-friendly
cPanel is truly ease-to-use. Even newbies without any hosting experience can easily build their website up, make the management of files, emails, accounts, domains and servers quickly through cPanel user-friendly interface.

cPanel allows scripts installation
cPanel allows 1-click script installers like SimpleScripts, Fantastico, and QuickInstall. And hosting with cPanel, site owners can create WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, b2evolution these applications with some simple clicks and in few seconds.

cPanel is accessible at anytime anywhere
Owners are able to access their website through cPanel because it is a web-based control panel. As long as there has the Internet support, their website is available to them at anytime anywhere.

cPanel is safe
One of the reasons why cPanel is the most popular control panel around the world is that it takes the security of users’ website seriously by maintaining regular updating. That also ensures users the best cPanel experience.

Who Offer cPanel Hosting

cPanel is great but it’s not free. However, there are still many great hosting companies provide cPanel in hosting package at a good price such as

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