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Web development provided by any member of PBS consists of the stages below:

  1. Initial Steps; getting a web hosting
  2. Initial Steps; assigning the domain name to the hosting account
  3. Creating the first appearance
  4. Sample Data Entry
  5. Contributions on Design
  6. Contributions on Contents
  7. Final Data Entry (If needed)
  8. Testing (Benchmark)
  9. Publishing
Before starting the Stage 1, the expenses of the web development will be charged upfront. This will be invoiced as "Down Payment"
In Stage 8, in case the client is willing to have the website published and live, the "Final Payment" will be charged.
  • There is no possibility of having the project live, before having the "Final Payment" received.
  • "Down Payment" is refundable fully or partially based on the issue, in case the corresponding PBS member mis-promises about the discussed details.
  • "Down Payment" is not refundable in case the client aborts the procedure.
  • For graphic designing projects that cost more than $299, a deposit of $169 will be charged. Payments for any designing project costing less than $299 will be charged upfront.
  • The service will be cancelled and down payment will be stored in case the client is not responding to emails and phone calls from the corresponding PBS member, for more than 14 business days. Restoring the service in this case will charge the client "Restoration Fee" which will 25% of the total price of the project. 93 days after service cancellation the restoration fee will increase to 50% of the total price of the project. 365 days after service cancellation, the service will be totally terminated and "Down Payment" will not be refunded.

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