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We will gladly accept refunds of project's deposit within 7 days of presenting the first appearance. This period is called sunrise.
We hope our customers will be happy with their purchases, but in the event a customer would like to refund a product or cancel an order, we must analyze the reasons and discrepancies with discussed functionalities in a case-by-case basis. It may result full or partial refund.

For requesting refund, please send an email or ticket with the proper subject to our customer service and include your name and license number, confirming the following:

1. You removed all of software copies/licenses.
2. You don’t have any comment/claim about the software/our company.
3. You confirm that you didn’t apply our invoice for tax purposes.
4. You confirm that you voided the invoice.
5. In certain projects which development time exceeds 5 business days and/or project's price exceeds $1,000 USD, we may need more (up to 180 days) or installments for the refund due to the nature of the project. This can be negotiated in a case-by-case basis.

1. If the request for a refund is sent within 3 calendar days, full refunds will take 1 business day with no question asked.
2. If the request for a refund is sent after 3 calendar days and before 30 days of purchase, refund is subject to alanyzation of the case..
3. No refund will be issued after starting the modifications on first appearance of the project and starting any development for modifications on functionalities.

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